Two new models of Rotary club membership have been authorized on a trial basis. They are:

Corporate Member: Allows a corporation or company in the club’s area to become a member

of the Rotary club, appointing up to four individuals to attend club meetings, serve on projects and

participate in other ways.

Associate Member: Creates the category of associate member to allow prospective Rotarians

to become acquainted with your club, its members, its programs and projects, and the expectations

of club membership, with the intent of becoming an active member within a designated time.

Satellite Club: Allow clubs to conduct multiple meetings during a week, each taking place at a

different location, day, or time.

Innovative and flexible Rotary club: Allows clubs to self-determine their operations to better

fit the needs of their members and community.

These are pilot programs for which applications must be submitted by April 15 of this year.