(Details will be added when available)
Sept. 25th  Corporate Checkup – Issues You Should Check to Ensure Your Company Is in Good Health by Attorney Chris McNeill   
Chris came and spoke a couple of months back when we met at Airhogs Stadium.  He was very well received and so we've invited him back to talk about different topic.
Oct. 2nd   Boy Scouts of America--What's New by Charlie Simmons
Oct. 9th  PUMPKIN RUN MEETING by Glen McCrary  It's important to attend this meeting since our Annual Pumpkin Run will be the following Saturday.  Learn what's changed and what your assignment will be.
Oct. 16th   Annual Governor's Visit by District Governor, Bill Slicker  Great timing for the DG to come--right after our biggest fund raiser of the year.  You'll want to hear what Bill has to say and learn what's going on in District 5810 beyond our club.  (Remember that next year, our own Beverly Grogan will be the DG!  A first for GP Metro!)
Oct. 23rd    GPISD State of the Union by Dr. Susan Hull, Superintendent  Come and hear all of the GREAT things happening in our district and why other districts are sending representatives to see (and copy) what's going on in the GPISD.
Oct. 30th  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by Lori Crider  Come out to learn about the largest private funder for suicide prevention research and education.